Air freight

Air freight

Airfreight has become an important factor in supply chain management in order to keep pace with the increasing demand of world-wide markets. SDA Logistics provides contracted block-space arrangements and dedicated airfreight solutions such as:

Priority Cargo Service

Understand that certain goods need faster / shorter delivery time, SDA will help you to tailor-make a more flexible and efficient shipping schedule as per their specific requirements.

Consolidation Services 

SDA Logistics will offer you a variety of cost effective and time-saving air freight solutions to move shipments on a global extent, and also will offer regular and frequent flight schedules so you can select the most suitable one as per your own preferences and needs.

Door-to-Door Services 

SDA has a global network to provide you a reliable Door-to-Door services.

Dangerous Goods

SDA has a trained team to handle Dangerous Goods. Our offices will guide customers through the whole process as required packing, shipping marks and documentation.